Madrigal Dance Program. Founded in 2005

     Madrigal Dance Program. Founded in 2005 by Ricardo Madrigal, the Program offered developmentally appropriate dance and movement for children with developmental disabilities such as Asperger’s Syndrome, Autism, PDD, and mental retardation among others.

     In addition, the Madrigal Dance Program supports the parents of the children with developmental disabilities by providing them with an opportunity to have a break during the day, observe their children while they learn and master new skills, and meet and socialize with other parents who share similar experiences.
My name J. Ricardo Madrigal

For more than 17 years in the world of art, I have known people that want to learn this dicipline but have not found a person that can lead them into it.

It's been five years since I started this mission; working with special kids has helped me understand my autism.

The dancing world has helped me and what I want to do is help others.

This Program is created specially to help not only my students but also their families when the family see their children dancing they are impressed seeing their little great artist.

My program's purpose is to understand the different kind of autism that exist, or the majority of them. After understanding the autism of one student I use it and make it art. This way the student becomes part of my world.


Mi religion mi propio arte My religion is my own art